New Resident Info - Barbourmeade Ky

New to the City of Barbourmeade?

Barbourmeade has three main sections.

  1. The first section (Hillvale section) is bordered by Barbour Lane and Highway 22.
  2. The second section (Norton Section) is behind Highway 22 and extends back to I-71.
  3. The third section (Brownsboro Vista Section) is on the south-eastern side of Highway 22 and is bordered by Goose Creek Road.

Commission Information

Barbourmeade is considered a 2nd class city, which is based on the population of the City. What does this mean exactly? Barbourmeade has a Commission form of government, which consists of 5 voting members: 1 Mayor and 4 Commissioners. The Commission follows the rules for 2nd class cities that are in the Kentucky Statutes that are set forth by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Legislature. Each of our Commissioners has an area they are responsible for, visit the Commission page to see each Officer’s area of responsibilities and who to contact for questions.

Local Businesses

Please visit the businesses page to find out more about the services that are provided in and around the City. You can also find additional information about demographics and history on our Wikipedia page.

Please visit the sanitation page to find out more about when trash, yard waste, and recycling are picked up. Please visit our Commission page and contact the current Sanitation Commissioner if you have any other questions about sanitation.