FAQ - Barbourmeade Ky

Who do I contact about a street light outage?

Please contact LG&E at (502) 589-1444.

Do I need to contact LG&E if I experience a power outage at my home?

YES!! Whenever there is a power outage, no matter how brief or even if it is just a flicker, each resident that experiences it should immediately report it to LG&E at 589-1444. Doing so will help LG&E pinpoint the problem and address it faster.

Returned Tax Payment?

On occasion USPS does not recognize the PO Box on the self-addressed envelope that was provided with our tax bills.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are looking into this to make sure it does not happen again.


If USPS returns your tax payment, please place the original envelope you mailed with the post mark and your payment in a new envelope and mail it or take it to the address below.

All discounts will be honored based on the post-mark date of the original payment attempt.


Russell and Associates

4165 Westport Rd #202

Louisville, KY  40207